Thursday, November 10, 2011

The App You Should Have..

I think pretty much everyone has some sort of smart phone these days. Yes, you can do a lot of fun things with them.. productive things.. there's an app for everything. Did you realize you can use them to help you eat better? Along with restaurant calorie givers, fitness and workout apps, and the yoga pose of the day.. There's a ridiculously helpful app I ran across the other day called Fooducate. A lot of problems that people have with eating healthy actually happens in the grocery store. What does this word mean? How many calories from fat or grams of sugar is okay? Even though this box says on the outside that it's good for me, what's really hiding in there that I probably shouldn't be putting into my body?

That's where Fooducate comes in. It's really user-friendly and works by just scanning a bar code. That's it. You use your phone's camera, scan the barcode of whatever product you're unsure about, and all the good and bad points about the food product will come up, right there on your phone. Is there an ingredient that sounds more like something out of chemistry class? Fooducate will break it down for you, tell you what it really is, and why it's in there.

Using it when I went shopping the other day really surprised me with some of the things I learned just from scanning some of my favorite products. I love green tea, but did you know that bottled green tea looses most of its antioxidants before you ever even open the bottle? (Plus it's usually packed with sugar) So it was suggested that I buy the tea leaf bags and brew it myself.. which I normally do, anyway.

I'm just really glad I discovered this, and I think it could be of MAJOR help to everyone on any shopping trip, check it out! :]

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